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Hale Erol Hakan

Project Consultant

Hale Erol Hakan, who graduated from Marmara University as an Economist in 1999, worked as a marketing manager in the Heating-Cooling sector for many years. After establishing her own business with her experience and entrepreneurial identity, she designed and implemented marketing projects for different sectors and completed several successful projects.

Hale Erol Hakan established the Energy Efficiency Platform in 2011 with more than 20 years of experience. Her efforts to tackle Climate change and energy efficiency problems continued with #bilyappaylaş awareness meetings. As the founder of the Green Deal Platform, Hale Erol Hakan, is a member of the executive board of this platform and coordinates the relations between the team and the institutions in the projects she undertakes, and takes active roles in projects.


Pınar Yalman Akcengiz

Project Consultant

Pınar Yalman Akcengiz completed her Physics degree from Ankara University  and her Master's program in Energy Engineering from Başkent University  . Working as a cluster coordinator in the renewable energy and environmental technologies sector for 12 years, she has carried out national and international projects with the public-university-industry network in the sector. Since 2020, she has been running projects in her own consultancy company. Pınar Yalman Akcengiz, who also provides mentoring support for entrepreneurs, is an expert in the areas such as ; clustering, regional development, organized industrial zones, technoparks, clean production, clean technologies.


Gökçe Ahi

Project Manager, Teacher
Working voluntarily in various projects since her student years, Gökçe Ahi has developed projects and provided trainings with the public, NGOs and private sector in her professional life. she worked for the local government in England as part of an EU project. She completed the School of Good Governance run by the Robert Bosch Foundation in Germany and Poland. She coordinated and managed several Horizon 202,  IPA and Development Agency projects in collaboration with public, NGO and private sector institutions.She also provided Project Cycle Trainings within the scope of Development Agency’s technical support programs .Giving KOSGEB Entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs, Gökçe Ahi is a moderator in URGE projects. She takes part as a panelist in national and international projects on Good Governance, Climate Action Plan and Circular Economy, which is a  subheading of Green Deal.


Müge Dilber Uygur

Communication Consultant

Dilber Müge Uygur, who started to work in the communication sector in 1997 after completing her Public Relations education, worked in the leading communication agencies of the sector and worked as a senior manager. During this period, she carried out the communication activities of many national and international brands, and carried out projects that attracted attention in addition to intensive media communication activities. Uygur established her own communication agency in 2017 with 20 years of experience where collective communication solutions such as Research, Strategic Communications Consultancy (PR), Digital Communications, Design and Event Management are provided. She serves as the General Manager and Communications Adviser in the agency, and also she is the Zerobuild Turkey's Communications leader.


Ekin Sertbaşlı - Environmental Engineer/ Sustainable Building Engineer

Ekin Sertbaşlı, who places  sustainability as the cornerstone of her career, completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering at Yıldız Technical University and her master's in Sustainable Building Engineering at Greenwich University. Working in the field of integrated waste management, she has worked in R&D projects on the reuse of various types of waste in the construction and energy sector. Focusing on concepts such as adaptation to climate change, life cycle analysis and circular economy, Ekin Sertbaşlı has worked with local municipalities on these concepts and has been involved in various projects as a consultant and continues to do so. She also undertakes  international projects and collaborates with partners in The Green Deal Platform.

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